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Sushi Delivery, Northampton

We are proud to be in Northampton, and believe you deserve the best


The DanSushi team are a professional and proud family.  We take so much pride in the quality of our ingredients, the authentic flavours, and our passion for producing the best sushi for our customers, that these became the very foundations on which DanSushi is built.

Sushi Delivery, Northampton

You don’t get good quality sushi from frozen fish


As quality is important to us, we refuse to use anything but the freshest ingredients.  We are very particular about the fish we use, and we will never make sushi from frozen fish.  You can always guarantee the very best ingredients from us.

Sushi Delivery Northampton
Sushi Delivery Northampton

And we owe it all to our Tutor


The only reason that DanSushi can create the best Sushi in Northampton, is because we have undertaken the expert tutelage of Mr. Shawn from Japan.  We are eternally grateful for his continued support and advice.  Thank you so much.


Observing the highest hygiene and safety standards


It stands to reason, that a large part of taking pride in our sushi, is that we take care of ourselves and our kitchen.   The DanSushi team make sure that we follow all current hygiene, health, and safety practices to the very last letter.

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Sushi Delivery Northampton


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