Sushi Set Berlin


Set Berlin Sushi

California Black – 8 pieces

Philadelphia Eby – 8 pieces

Gunkan Eby – 2 pieces

Gunkan Tuna – 2 pieces

Total 20 pieces

Ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.

Contains Crustacean, Fish, Milk, Gluten and Egg



If you’re new to ordering sushi, the selection available can seem quite daunting, which is why our Set Berlin is perfect as it gives you to opportunity to try both our Sushi Rolls and Gunkan.

  • California Black are filled with cream crab, avocado, nori and sushi rice, we then roll it in black masago.
  • Philadelphia Eby are filled with prawns, soft cheese, cucumber, sushi rice and nori and then wrapped in sliced salmon.
  • Gunkan Eby is sushi rice wrapped in a nori sheet and then topped with prawns and mayonnaise.
  • Gunkan Tuna is sushi rice wrapped in nori sheets and topped with tuna.

We offer our sushi and gunkan takeaway delivery service to homes in Northampton.


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